Sunday, 13 January 2013

How can I help others learn about Heavenly Father?

What do we believe about Heavenly Father?
(i.e. What did we learn last week from the scriptures?)

Also use Preach My Gospel pp.31-31 and True to the Faith p.74-76.

What experiences have you had in sharing the gospel with others?

See notes for Slide 1 - cut out the individual phrases and youth sort them. Put Korihor's on the board and compare with arguments youth have come across.

2 groups to read scriptures on Ammon and Aaron, answer questions and feed back to class.

What could you say next time you have the chance to share the gospel? (Perhaps 2 brave souls could roleplay this situation)

What do you feel prompted to do because of today's lesson? When will you do this?

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  1. Thank you so much . I greatly appreciate the time and effort you've put into developing these lessons. They have been an immense help to me in teaching the new Youth Sunday Scool Curriculum.


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