Sunday, 22 July 2012

30 The Blessings of Work

All of us have work to do in life. Whatever we achieve, we must first work at it. There would be no achievement without work, because something achieved without work wouldn't be much of an achievement. Work increases our self-esteem because through working to achieve something we learn that we can accomplish many worthwhile things when we put our minds to it.

Sometimes work can be hard or unpleasant. However, there are things that we can worked towards that can be fun or at least seem less of a chore if we do them with a postive attitude.

For example:

President Spencer W. Kimball sang, counted and memorised the Articles of Faith while he was doing his chore of milking the cows. This made the chore seem shorter, but also helped him practise his singing, his maths and learn the Articles of Faith at the same time. Imagine how miserable the chore would have been had he spent the time complaining or sulking about it rather than getting on and doing whilst practising other skills at the same time. Perhaps there are similar things you can do to make your work go faster, and learn other things at the same time?

As a missionary I used to recite the discussions and scriptures I was learning over and over in my head in between speaking to people door to door. It made the day go quicker and I passed off all the things I needed to memorise really quickly and I was more prepared to teach people with the Spirit when we did get in to be able to teach people because my mind was already on the lessons.

Work can help us to increase our talents and abilities. The video below gives us an example of how one young man in U.S.A set a goal and worked hard to accomplish it.

As you watch, think about the following questions:

What goals would you like to achieve in your life?

Do you work as hard as he did to achieve them?

Is there anything you can do to work harder to achieve your goals?

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