Saturday, 14 July 2012

29 Paying Tithing with the Right Attitude

 As part of this week's lesson we will watch a video called Windows of Heaven, a film about a miracle that took place when Lorenzo Snow was President of the Church. The video is not available anywhere online so if you would like to familiarise yourself with the story click here to see an excellent storyboard version of the story. The pictures could even be printed out and used as part of the lesson instead of the video.

The story of Lorenzo Snow shows us that the Lord directs his Church through revelation to the living prophet. The Church has been blessed because of the people's willingness to follow the prophet's counsel and obey the law of tithing. We have all been blessed because of the things that the Church provides for us by using our donations, but as we pay our tithing we increase our faith and reduce our greed and selfishness as we contribute to building up the Lord's kingdom.

Before you come to the lesson, think about how the Lord has blessed you or your family because of obedience to the law of tithing. Come prepared to share some of these things with the class.

There are some videos relevant to this lesson that you may wish to use from the Lorenzo Snow: Financing the Lord's Kingdom lesson in the Presidents of the Church part of this blog.

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