Sunday, 15 January 2012

5 Mortality: A Time to Learn through Experience

Objective: To learn the purpose of our mortal life and how it fits into God's eternal plan.

Life is like...

The Olympics!

While it is exciting to watch skillful athletic performances, few spectators actually appreciate the years of dedication, discipline and training that each athlete must endure before he or she is ready for the competition. The performance that each athlete gives is a result of step-by-step progress towards an ultimate goal.

Like preparing for the Olympics, preparing for exaltation involves preparation and hard work. However, only relatively few athletes can receive gold medals in the Olympics, but in life each of us can receive the highest reward. Exaltation in the celestial kingdom is the gold medal we are preparing for and this can only be received through our dedication in keeping the commandments and covenants that God has given us.

For teachers: You can print off the slides of this presentation on card (make sure you select print handouts on print options) to play the game listed as enrichment activity number 3.

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