Sunday, 1 January 2012

2 Agency: The Power to Choose

In preparation for the lesson, watch or read the talk given by President Monson in Priesthood Session of October 2010 General Conference. He talks about the 3 Rs of choice and you will be asked some questions about these 3 Rs in the lesson:

1. The Right of choice.

  • What important choice did we make in pre-earth life?
  • What was wrong with Satan's plan to do away with agency?

2. The Responsibility of choice.

  • Whose fault is it if I make a wrong choice?
  • Do we try to justify wrong choices sometimes?

3. The Results of Choice.

  • Agency allows us to choose our actions but NOT always the consequences of our actions
  • What did President Monson ask us to do if we have made wrong choices?

We will use the story that President Monson shares towards the end of his talk of Brother Christensen, the basketball player, to learn about the principles of agency:

The Principles of Agency
1. Law

  • What commandment or law is involved in this story?

2. Knowledge of the Law

  • Who has knowledge of this law in the story?

3. Opposition - Good and Evil

  • What choices are presented? Which is good and which is evil?

4. Freedom of Choice

  • Does he have freedom to choose what he will do?

5. Responsibility

  • Who is responsible for this choice?
  • What would have happened if had made the wrong choice?
  • How would this have affected his ability (or freedom) to make correct choices in future?

Note to teachers: The same questions could be asked of the scenario involving Teresa in the manual, or the situation presented in the video 'True to the Faith' from the Family Home Evening DVD Presentations.

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