Saturday, 31 December 2011

Preparing for Exaltation

This year the course is Preparing for Exaltation.
Over the last year we learned about each one of our latter-day prophets and the things that they taught through their words and their deeds. I will ask those of you to share some of your favourite stories about the prophets, so come prepared. I hope you have been able to understand that as you stay close to the words of the living prophet throughout your life they will lead you back to Heavenly Father.
Throughout the coming year we will come across the words of the prophets again, and as we do I hope you will be able to remember some of the things that they said and did, but most of all I hope that we can all follow their guidance a little bit better this year as we learn how to prepare ourselves for exaltation. As we do this we can ensure that 2012 is indeed a happy new year as I know from experience that following the words of the prophet leads us to be happy.

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