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Stake Conference Notes

Here are my notes from Stake Conference. Apologies if there are any inaccuracies, but hopefully this helps you to remember what was said today. Enjoy :)

Primary stake presidency released Emma Shaw called as President with Joanne Ferguson as counsellor.
Ron Kirby released as Stake Clerk and Frank Hoyle called.
A few new elders sustained
Kelsey Branch Whitefield ward achieved Young Women recognition award
Joseph Walsh achieved Duty to God  award but in Provo MYC ready to serve in Italy Milan Mission

Sustaining of church authorities read by President Mayall

Pres Mayall
Great things taking place as we have prepared ourselves to come today
To be edified by talks music and being together
Invited youth to chose a word to be our personal motto mine was listen. I would need to have more love and become more like our saviour. Alma 32:23 My kids have always loved bedtime stories. I read a short story to Rachel one night but she wanted a long story about a lost puppy. I looked at her to see if she was getting tired yet. I skipped a couple of pages. She said dad you have missed a page. - tried to deny it but she knew this was when the puppy met the foxes. My daughter was really listening to the story I have so much to learn about listening
A father said “I do a greater amount of good when I listen to my children than when I talk to them.” A little boy looked at his mother and said “Why are you mad at me your hands are on your hips and you are not saying anything.”
Children learn to listen and listen to learn from their parents.
A girl was killed in car accident. She had asked to go to a dance with a young man father felt uneasy but she insisted that she was going unless he could give her a good reason. Children honour your parents even when they cannot give a satisfactory reason for their feelings.
Thou shalt love the lord with all thy heart, soul and mind. Hearkening means obedienc. “Be still and know that I am God.” Pause at end of prayers and listen. Lord gives us line upon line – “unto him that receiveth I will give more.”
We know you have trials heavenly father knows and loves you we invite you to hear our saviours continuous call mine arm is lengthened out all the day long. Jesus is the Christ and redeemer of all mankind. Listen to learn in scriptures and prayer.

Sister Viner
Remembrance Sunday last week. The anniversary of Armistice Day nation fell silent. We are reminded in Downton abbey how war and epidemic affected that community.
A man lost his daughters and wife and he was desolate lonely and vacant. The only thought is she is not here she is gone - Joseph F. Smith. He pondered the scriptures and thought of all those who were losing loved ones and feeling similar grief. D&C 138 received at this time referring to the Saviour preaching the gospel in the spirit world. He saw the hosts of the dead. Faithful filled with joy and gladness rejoicing for deliverance was at hand. The saviour preached the gospel and resurrection and redemption from sin on conditions of repentance. All other necessary principles taught to them to be judged according to the flesh but live according to god in the spirit. Departed elders continue their work. The saviour has done his part and they are doing theirs. The dead are doing their part repenting but they need to be obedient to the ordinances of the house of the lord. We need to do our part for them. Scriptures full of admonitions to remember. Nation bows its head for two minutess once a year. Every time we go to the temple we honour and remember the hosts of the dead. This is the work of the saviour.

President Viner
I am grateful for my membership. It is essential that we know the details of the plan of salvation and our part in it. In the great council we agreed to the plan. We became party to the salvation of everyone under that plan. Saviours not only of ourselves, but the whole human family in partnership with the lord. John Widtsoe
Ponder on that and our attitude to temple work matures. We need to have a testimony of the birth life ministry and atonement of Jesus Christ. Only through him can we attain what our Heavenly Father wishes us to attain here on earth. Missionary work is to invite people to do this. The work does not finished when people are baptised but until each person or family has sufficient testimony to come through the doors of the temple. Each of us needs to receive the ordinances of the temple. John 17:3 we can come to know him through prayer, love, service and charity. Temple built that God’s glory and power be made manifest. D&C 84 - in the ordinances the power of God is manifested. We need the power of the ordinances. I testify that our individual; nature is changed in the temple by the words of the ordinances. Develop temple ears and temple eyes. “Be still and know that I am God.” Nephi and Lehi in Helaman heard a still small voice of perfect mildness that pierced them to the very soul. We need to do the work for our ancestors. Be in the temple to feel the still small voice to guide us on the path of righteousness.

Brother George Brown, Stake Patriarch
Blessing to serve and it’s great to prepare for each one. 31 years ago I joined the church I lived in council house working 60 hours a week on nights didn't have a car. Started dating my wife at 19. United fan but my wife got me out of that. Married at 23 and my dad taught me to save. We bought a home didn't have TV couldn't afford one. Our home was repossessed to build a new estate. Had to take a council property. In 1980 missionaries knocked on the door and I got baptised. How my testimony has got to this point is difficult to say. I love to home teach but eventually I started getting other  callings. I began to love the scripture matt 6:33. I stopped working overtime because of it. 3Ne the saviour teaches about prayer in 13:21 and also lay up treasures in heaven. Where our  treasure will be our heart will be also. We need to focus on the whole picture not just this life. Take no thought what shall we eat drink but seek first kingdom of God. I'm trying to live the commandments. How do we get to celestial kingdom? Hometeaching and visiting teaching. Repenting and improving regularly. Pray to lord and ask himto help us change. Greatest strength to me is my wife. She is ill with Parkinson’s please keep her in your prayers. Her testimony is so strong and she reminds me what I need to do to help people. She takes time to pray for people by name and doesn't leave anybody out. This is Jesus’ church it carries his name. The Book of Mormon is true and another testament of Jesus Christ. Follow the prophet and we won't go far wrong.

President Matthew Preston
Pay attention to feelings and promptings. We need to make room for the saviour like the innkeeper in the nativity story. The wise men travelled a long distance to bring gifts. We have to make a journey to come unto Christ and give him gifts of service and obedience.

Hymn Jerusalem.

Missionary musical item called to serve.

Sister Chapman, former stake primary president

Grateful to have worked with children and the primary presidencies and my counsellors for their dedication. I know the church is true. I am reading the Book of Mormon again.

Brother _________

I haven't prepared for this but today is the day I got baptised 28 years ago. I've had many experiences visiting with missionaries in homes of people from all walks of life has been a great blessing to me and strengthened my testimony. Sometimes difficult for missionaries when people are taking a bit longer. Love neighbour as self and lord with all might, mind and soul. I always thought green and pleasant land was east of the Pennines but it might be in Lancashire too. The people who lead us are called of god.

Sister Preston

Jacob 5:4 master working with servants to preserve olive trees in vineyard. What more could I have done for my vineyard. Hel 7:16 Satan tries to entice us to everlasting misery. Why would we serve such a person when our saviour loves us so much. Blessed are ye for working in my vineyard. As we work to invite others to come unto Christ we are promised blessings.

President Preston.

If you are indebted to a missionary raise your hand. Missionaries are given assignment to place a Book of Mormon on first day. Went to tram station to go to new areas with luggage and went to speak to people. They got thrown off the tram. Next tram came and they were told they could not get on. They had to make their own way didn't get home till half ten and half twelve. People come from all over the world to face rejection and cruelty yet 30 peopl emet with us today and that is why they come to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to people.

President Fletcher
I have learned a lot this conference. It’s a stressful time and patience is required of our wives and families. I'm grateful for the support my wife gives me. The music has touched me today especially to see the missionaries stand and sing. Those who are new or returning please stand. Some have a white carnation on so we can know who they are. They have made big strides and sacrifices to join the lord’s church. Take a moment to speak to them. The theme has been come unto Christ. How long we have been members is irrelevant but how close we are to Christ is what matters. Matt 11:28-30. Our prayer is that you who are laden will feel that your burden is lighter. Elder holland said some know where you want to go and some don't. Others feel less fortunate. Whoever you are I offer you the way and the life. Come unto him as the imperative first step in getting there. Wherever we are and whatever our problems the answer is the same come unto me learn of me follow me and I will show how I live and what I do. I will answer your prayers. We try to take upon us the name and identity of Christ. We call ourselves his children and he is the only source of eternal life. To those struggling with temptation come unto him and lay down your burden. The world is increasingly hostile and sinful. It splashes onto us and in some cases and may be nearly drowning you. Walk away from the darkness and come into the light. With his stripes we are healed. I know from personal experiences that we can be healed. I want to remind you of our saviour’s love for each of us. D&C 20. Why do we need to come unto him it’s there in section 20. Why did he do it? Because he loves us. Anyone seeking courage to repent and change church is not a monastery for the perfect but a hospital. Live more by the promptings and promises of the Holy Ghost. I have enjoyed this over the last few days as I have prayed over the names of people to lead the church forward. We see sometimes unhappy worried and gloomy latter day saints who are like puritans and remain miserable. Let not your heart be troubled neither be afraid. Burdens held deep inside and unseen but truly know that nobody is barred from coming unto our loving elder brother Jesus Christ. The apostles on the sea and the weather was rough and they were trying to row through the storm. The saviour had not forgotten them and he walked across the sea to them. They heard the voice of the master as he said “be still.” Peter wanted to join him. He focussed on the saviour but then he realised what he was doing panicked and started to sink. To come to Christ we need to focus on him and have an eye single to his glory. I'm grateful for the gospel and the blessings it has brought to me.

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