Sunday, 6 November 2011

Patriarchal Blessings

A question was raised in today's lesson about patriarchal blessings.

Click the link above to read more information from a New Era article on what a patriarchal blessing is and what it is for.

As I showed you today, I keep a copy of mine in my scriptures and refer to it regularly as it is personal scripture to me. There are many points that I feel have already happened in my life, and plenty of guidance and warnings that I try to follow so that I am ready for tests and trials when they come, and so that I can remain faithful throughout the course of my life.

 You may feel you are not quite ready yet to be able to understand your patriarchal blessing, in which case you should continue to pray, study the scriptures and live the gospel until you are ready. When you feel you are ready to be interviewed for your patriarchal blessing you should speak to the Bishop, who will advise you further.

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