Sunday, 5 June 2011

Reminder: Fast Sunday

I just wanted to post this reminder about the special purpose to which the Area Presidency (Elder Kopischke, Elder Caussé, Elder Teixeira) have asked us to dedicate our fast today. This is an extract from a letter read out in sacrament meeting recently:

"We hereby invite every member to dedicate the fast Sunday in June to the purpose that our voice of invitation be heard. We further invite every one of you to bring each Sunday of June one person or family, either less-active or non-member, or someone in need, to visit sacrament meeting and feel the powerful influence of the gospel in their lives.

As we will do so, our love for our neighbors will abound, our faith to reach out will be strengthened and our ability to build the kingdom will increase."

What can you do to reach out to a less-active, a non-member or somebody in need this month?

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  1. i didnt fast because i had a headahe :( i'm going to bring someone to church this month tho, hopefully!


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