Sunday, 22 May 2011

You may have heard someone say "He can't see the wood for the trees."

Often, we see just the trees around us - whatever is close to us. What is near to us seems all-important, and we don't see the overall picture.

In the story of Camelot, Merlin the wizard changed young Arthur into a hawk so he could fly above the earth and get a better view of the world. This taught him that there were no boundaries between kingdoms. Before this he could only see the trees, the narrow view.
I'm sure it is a similar experience for astronauts who are able to see the earth from space.

Perhaps there are things in your life that are "trees," detracting from the overall view. Things like sports, popularity or having fashionable clothes might seem important now, but if you could see your whole life through eternity they would probably seem less important to you. This is what we call an eternal perspective.

Why do you think that the Lord has shown some of his prophets (like Abraham and Moses) visions of the world from beginning to end?

We are blessed to have prophets in our time who have been shown or told the bigger picture.

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