Sunday, 17 April 2011

Righteousness and the Protection of the Lord

"I have broken both legs, one of them in two places; both arms,
both ankles, my breastbone, and three ribs; I have been scalded, frozen, and drowned; I have been in two water wheels while turning under a full head; I have passed through a score of other hairbreadth escapes. The repeated deliverances from all these remarkable dangers I ascribe to the mercies of my Heavenly Father. In recalling them to mind I always feel impressed to render the gratitude of my heart, with thanksgiving and joy, to the Lord. I pray that the remainder of my days may pass in His service, in the building up of His kingdom." quoted in Cowley, Wilford Woodruff, 11-12

Watch the video then read what Wilford Woodruff said about the accidents he had in his early life. What effect did these accidents have on him?

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  1. I think Wilford Woodruff's accidents made him stronger. Ruth


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