Sunday, 13 February 2011


1. Watch the video and think about this question:

Why is modern-day revelation so important to us?

Post your ideas below.

2. Think of examples of revelation that has been given either to prophets, apostles, leaders, parents or yourselves. What were the purposes of the revelation? (i.e. Why was it given?) Be prepared to share some of these in class next week. If you are stuck for ideas this talk might help you.


  1. I think modern day revelation is so important to us because without revelation in the present day we would be lost and not know what to do nor know what is right and what is wrong.

  2. Not that I'm in your class but I do enjoy reading your blog :) thanks for taking the time to "create"


  3. @ Ruth Teal:

    Well done!
    Can you think of specific revelations without which we would be lost?

  4. @ RJR:

    Thanks for reading! Feel free to read and/or comment, you don't have to be in the class to join in :)


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