Sunday, 23 January 2011

A young missionary was explaining to a contact that our Church is led by a prophet of the Lord who receives revelation for the Church and for the world. The man was very interested and asked the elder what the prophet had said. The missionary, however, could not think of anything specific to tell the man.

“Well, what is the most recent thing your prophet has proclaimed?” the man asked. Still the missionary stammered and could not answer; he just did not know.

Before you watch the video, post below what you would say if you were the missionary. Then watch the video, listen to President Monson's words and see what you can add to what you would say to this question.

Secondly, use to find a recent talk or article by President Monson. Find the key messages in what he says and be prepared to report back on Sunday what you have learned.


  1. I would make sure I new the most recent talk by the prophet or think of what i could remember from the last conference I went to.

  2. What would you say after having watched the video?

  3. To serve the Lord. I read a talk;
    the Lord needs missionaries- first presidency message (thomas s monson)
    i read about missionaries and how it is a priesthood calling and each man worthy to serve a mission should. president monson also invited women to serve full time missions as their contribution is valuable. i learnt mainly that just because women don't have the priesthood, it doesn't mean they can't do certain things, especially like serving a mission.



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